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wedding stories

Authentic and genuine!

As a wedding photographer I do not try to create something that isn’t. I am not biased. I do not know what a wedding should oder should not look like. Everything happening on this specific day that you have put so much thought and effort into, is beautiful, whether it is the gorgeous dresses, the classic groomsmen bow ties or the hearth-warming location near your hometown. All these things have been carefully planned and make this your unique day.


There is no checklist, no template, no rules. It’s all about you, your beloved, your family and friends.

Nothing is staged

Authenticity and honesty

is the core of my work

Real moments, intense emotions, smiles and genuine connections!

Wedding Photography Workshops in Berlin to improve Storytelling, Style and your Portfolio

I let weddings surprise me and I try to tell wedding stories from my own perspective. I can give you new insights that you would otherwise have missed. My aim is to choose the moment well, so that the photo is packed with information, candid looks from people, everyone looking in a different direction, gestures, humor and emotions. This is what I’m striving for: to be a newspaper photo journalist, or a paparazzo just seconds later.

I view wedding photography as a matter of the heart, it’s about instances that are happening in unexpected places. We will all enjoy the gorgeous, creative decorations and other lovely details, but what is most important are the memories that you are creating for yourselves and your beloved ones!

So here is my selection of raw emotions between people deeply in love. It is my personal best of that reveals my true focus and photography style. Have a closer look at my work, if you like the way I understand Documentary Wedding Photography, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Oh and of course: a portrait!

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