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Have you ever challenged yourself at work by selecting the very best pieces out of thousands and thousands that you created over the years? To a wedding photographer it’s quite an impossible, even agonizing, task. This careful selection reflects my preferred way of taking photos: I always move against the current. I shoot intense photos. I challenge people’s viewing habits.


What I try to achieve is to show the true nature of a moment. Well, here it is. My Wedding Photography Best Of. My selection of wedding photos that I love most. I hope you like it as well.

What is taking wedding photos all about? Taking photos at a wedding is about relationships, human connections and observation. So much of the photography work that goes into my photos happens outside of the actual taking of a moment. I will always be patient, and surprisingly unobtrusive: I will stay in the background, waiting, watching and listening for this one specific moment yet to come.


Because of who I am, of how I engage with people, I make people forget about being photographed. Their minds become occupied and they behave naturally. Just like you know your friends and family.

For all wedding photographers working out there, no matter what it costs, it should be an irreversible duty to free every wedding from the thought of tedious perfection, the preferred takeaway of identity, poetry, the never-ending story of an all day long sunset with warm lighting and wind blowing hair. Instead, they should make the small imperfections that make us truly human stand out and emphasize the true nature of each wedding.

I like to sneak, almost invisibly, from one moment to the next. In the blink of an eye, I’ll be there, capture the moment that would otherwise be lost forever and I’ll be in search of the next one right away. These are the photos you’ll cherish all your life, the photos that we are all looking for when it comes down to telling the story of a wedding.

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