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Stand out!

Your wedding reports & portraits are fine. You have fulfilled the expectations of your newlyweds. You deliver wedding photos like a machine. But that makes you tired. It bores you and with every culling and editing marathon in Lightroom you become more and more aware: You shoot 08/15 wedding reports.


It’s time to develop your own aesthetic and artistic, creative and strikingly different style that sets you apart. Something why the guests of past weddings call you again and just want to book you for their own wedding right away. This is the tree of recommendations. Only he keeps you in the business. So get out of the comfort zone and into the a adventure.

Like real life:

Wedding Photography

Finally thought over!

Destination Wedding Photography at its best! Documentary Style!


No taboos, no secrets. You can ask me anything, e.g. storytelling, style development, doubts about success, customer loyalty and much more. Duration ~ 4hEUR 500,-


You're stuck? Together we will break this up. Wedding Photography Workshop with a special focus on storytelling. Duration ~ 8h / max. 6 photographers.
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EUR 600,-