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In 20 years, looking at timeless wedding photos, seeing this one day, this one moment, this heart-warming wedding, will make you feel like time was brought to a standstill. For me, there is something intoxicating about being in a place where everything is stripped down to the simple beauty of the moment, a moment filled with emotion, trust, friendship and the tiny, life changing phrase “I do”.


I like to be close and cram as much as possible into my images, to capture these surprising, confusing and dense moments. To tell a story that has depth and to give you the chance to explore your wedding in greater detail again and again later on.

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Destination Wedding Photography in Ratzeburg Germany

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From a classic wedding photography perspective, you could call other wedding photographers and me outsiders. But consider this: Have you ever read a novel with a story so deeply touching that you needed to re-read it right away? I hope so. This is what my wedding pictures will be to you. They might be more complex than you expect, and difficult to understand, too – at first sight.


But over time, you will eventually discover how these pictures transport you right back to your gorgeous wedding festival with all its small imperfections and make you feel the way you really felt that day: bold, chaotic and a little bit wacky.

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